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As a rough guideline, typical prices for London are as follows:

Dorm beds:
£18 - £25 (off-peak Nov-March), £22 - £32 (peak April-Oct) per bed per night

Singles, doubles and twins:
£45 - £85 (off-peak Nov-March), £65 - £125 (peak April-Oct) per room per night

Triples and quads:
£60 - £120 (off-peak Nov-March), £90 - £220 (peak April-Oct) per room per night

Useful information to help your budgeting:
- Shared bathroom, and 'room only' options are cheaper than private bathrooms and 'breakfast inclusive'
- Central London Zones 1 and 2 are roughly 50% more expensive than Zones 3, 4 and 5
- Prices for groups in dorms can be higher than individual prices, since groups receive a fully managed service in dedicated group-only accommodation
- We will work with you to secure the best value option available for your group, and the more flexibility you can offer the better offers we can find.